Visual timelines for children with Autism

With picturepath® you can customise a convenient visual timeline and allow your children to progress through their day.

PicturePath - Picture Timeline for Autistic Children

picturepath is a digital alternative to printed & laminated symbols

Children on the Autism spectrum can often feel overwhelmed by sudden changes to their daily routine. Creating a digital timeline enables you to make your day easy and stress free.

Working with children who have additional needs

picturepath® allows you to manage your pupils visual timelines from one central location. At the beginning of term you can preload all your timelines and any changes can be made quickly and easily. No more printing, cutting and laminating required.

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Helping your child

picturepath® is shared between home and school. It can be used on your smart device and updated anywhere. No more juggling bits of paper in public and you can be rest assured that your child will be prepared for any event.

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