Creating a more inclusive environment for everyone

Supporting people with additional support needs, such as anxiety and autism, to thrive at home, in education and throughout all of life’s experiences.

picturepath visual timeline app

Why users with additional support needs love Picturepath

  • Reduced anxiety and emotional distress throughout all of life’s experiences
  • Ability to visually plan each day
  • Stress-free enjoyment of new places and activities with friends, family, and classmates
  • Fun, interactive and accessible

Key features

Visualise your day
Create personalised visual timelines to plan and manage your day in a quick and easy way.

Enjoy life’s experiences
Participate in everyday life without fear, stress and anxiety.
Use picturepath on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Detailed insights
Uncover hidden triggers which cause distress.

Unlimited number of activities
Create as many visual timelines as you need – no restrictions.

Manage change and transitions
Feel safer in unfamiliar environments – get comfortable with new activities.

picturepath key features

Picturepath explained


“I love adding and ticking off the activities on my timeline – I like to plan my days out using picturepath on the iPad so I know exactly what’s happening”

Freddie Nurse, Age 9, Autistic Child

“I love how easy and straightforward the app is to use, the kids love updating their timelines and it keeps them calm if there’s any changes to their routine”

Suzie Prichard, parent to two SEN Children

“We’ve started using picturepath in class as a digital, interactive visual timetable and I love it! So easy to set up and use, a brilliant classroom tool. It’s making a great difference to all of our SEN children.”

Mrs Brickland, SENDCo at St Bernards Primary School

“I found it really useful from the very beginning, your product is one of the best I’ve ever used for individual inclusion!”

Dot Mohan, SendCo at Bromham CofE Primary

“An excellent range of common symbols and the option to add a real image using photos taken on your device is amazing. Excellent value for money and recommended for schools and SEN caregivers.”

Claire Ryan, ChatterPack SEND hub

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