Creating inclusive environments for people with additional needs

Picturepath supports those with additional support needs, such as autism, to thrive at home, in education and through all of life’s experiences.

picturepath visual timeline app

Organisations using picturepath

Revolutionising visual timelines

Created to support individuals with additional support needs by providing structure and predictability. Reducing anxiety and meltdowns, improving communication and social skills, as well as supporting transition and change.


Key features

Complete personalisation

Create custom icons and timelines bespoke to your needs


Works on laptop, tablet and mobile devices

Free user downloads

No charge for the end user to access the app

Detailed analytics

Understand which activities trigger anxiety and distress

Visit with picturepath

Access to visitor guides from partner venues

Learn more about how picturepath can support your organisation to improve their inclusivity offering

picturepath key features

Learn more about how picturepath can support your organisation to improve their inclusivity offering

Richard’s story

Picturepath founder Richard Nurse created picturepath inspired by his son Freddie, who is on the autistic spectrum.

Our partnership with

Cambridge United

“I’m really keen to make our matchday experience as inclusive as possible. I’ve been delighted to partner with picturepath and use their visitor guides to help both home and away supporters who might otherwise have struggled to visit the Abbey.”

Cambridge United Fan Director; Dave Matthew-Jones


Visual stories play an important part of how we communicate with guests. Picturepath gives our visitors the ability to easily prepare for their trip before they arrive.”

Ben Swann, Head of Learning – National Motor Museum

“I love adding and ticking off the activities on my timeline – I like to plan my days out using picturepath on the iPad so I know exactly what’s happening”

Freddie Nurse, Age 9, Autistic Child

“I love how easy and straightforward the app is to use, the kids love updating their timelines and it keeps them calm if there’s any changes to their routine”

Suzie Prichard, parent to two SEN Children

“We’ve started using picturepath in class as a digital, interactive visual timetable and I love it! So easy to set up and use, a brilliant classroom tool. It’s making a great difference to all of our SEN children.”

Mrs Brickland, SENDCo at St Bernards Primary School

“I found it really useful from the very beginning, your product is one of the best I’ve ever used for individual inclusion!”

Dot Mohan, SendCo at Bromham CofE Primary

“An excellent range of common symbols and the option to add a real image using photos taken on your device is amazing. Excellent value for money and recommended for schools and SEN caregivers.”

Claire Ryan, ChatterPack SEND hub

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