We’re committed to supporting our community of picturepath users, and future users by delivering the best digital timeline experperience. See below how-to videos and FAQ’s for further information about using Picturepath.

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    Is there any training required for our Teachers and Senco’s to use this?

    No! We have deliberately built picturepath to be as intuitive as possible. There is a “how to use” guide which we supply to all schools and SENCOs who are using picturepath. There are also videos on our  YouTube account  of how to use some of the features and if you’re really stuck, drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll help you out.

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    Do parents have to pay to get access to the shared timelines?

    Picturepath is a free download for parents from the  Apple  and  Google Play  stores. Ordinarily there is a monthly charge for the premium version but if your school is using picturepath we offer this for free to any parents whose children are at the school. This way, the children will get the continuity of a timeline which shows both the home and the school part of the day, removing some of the anxiety that can occur around transitions.

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    Are there any discounts or concessions for MAT’s?

    Depending on the number of pupils involved, we can look into a reduced pricing option for MATs and purchasing groups.

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    Is picturepath available to non-UK based schools?

    Yes – it can be used anywhere around the world. Picturepath only supports English at the moment but if enough users request other languages, we will add that functionality. Currently you can upload and name your images in your native language, so you can personalise it to your needs.

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    How do I unsubscribe?

    Just email  support@mypicturepath.com  or message us on live chat with your details and we will cancel your subscription straight away.

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    Are there any limits to the number of pupils in the school that can use this?

    With the full school license, you can use picturepath for all your pupils (up to the maximum number within your school size). If you need to add more teachers or activities, that’s all included in your annual subscription. There’s no limit to how many activities or routines you can create. We know some pupils will need a personalized image for each activity and you can use picturepath to create as many as you need.

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    How do I share access with the parents and encourage them to use this at home?

    We can send you some information which you can send out to parents. Once they have downloaded the app, you can click the “Invite a Parent to Share” button, enter their email address and they will get a notification on their phone or tablet asking if they are happy sharing their timeline with the school. The data is only shared between the devices authorised by the parent, ensuring that information is kept safe and secure.