Picturepath Visual Timeline App

Supporting you, or someone you care for, to thrive at home, in education and through all of life’s experiences.

Parent with SEN Children using app

Our visual timelines help those who are neurodiverse and neurotypical by:

  • Providing structure and routine
  • Encouraging independence
  • Building confidence
  • Better managing change and transitions
  • Improving understanding of activities
  • Allowing preparation for new and unknown situations
    Reducing uncertainty, avoiding frustration and anxiety
  • Providing opportunities to communicate with others
Parent with SEN Children using app

Free to download

Available on the Apple and Google Play stores

Library of hundreds of activities

Huge range of pre-built activities to add to your timeline

Admin & user controls

Separate functionality for those using timelines

Create bespoke timelines

Custom timelines to fit all of your activities and adventures

Share information between home and school

Communicate timelines, notes and trends with picturepath schools

Visit with picturepath

Your favourite venues and attractions have pre-built visitor timelines

Premium Functionality

As well as all of the great free functionality we offer an optional premium package to allow you to get the very most from the app. Allowing you to create unlimited bespoke activities and routines using your own imagery and icons, share timelines between accounts and hosting multiple profiles on one account.

Enjoy premium features for just £3.99 a month or £34.99 per year

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Picturepath user guides

Setting up picturepath
Sharing a timeline
Creating an activity

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Editing a timeline
Building a routine
Upgrade to premium features
Visit with picturepath
Adding venue images in your timeline
Loading a visit with picturepath timeline / routine

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