Picturepath for schools, academies and MAT’s

Improve inclusivity for pupils with additional needs.

Students with autism, anxiety and other additional needs often find school stressful.

Our digital timelines allow pupils visibility of their day and what to expect, allowing them to prepare and reduce their anxiety.

Transitions and activities for SEN Children

Schools using picturepath to improve their inclusivity offering

Why schools and SENCOs love picturepath

  • Reduces emotional distress in SEN children
  • Fewer classroom disruptions
  • Easily record & evidence behaviours for external assessments
  • Uncover trigger activities
  • Share updates with concerned parents
  • Save time, money and resource on producing physical activity cards

Picturepath for schools

Use picturepath to improve your school’s SEN and inclusivity offering

Experience fewer classroom disruptions

Fewer classroom disruptions

SEN children feel calmer, safer and in-control. Meaning fewer meltdowns in the classroom and a more conductive learning environment.

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Uncover hidden triggers

Picturepath allows you to see patterns in moods and feedback related to each activity. Discover trigger events and take informed preventative action.

School with SEN Children in care

Reassure concerned parents

Provide concerned parents with regular updates and visibility throughout the day, directly from within the app.

School user guides

Share a timeline between home and school
Create your own activities
Using pupil dashboards

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