In line with our promise to deliver the best digital visual timeline for children with autism and other additional needs, we have once again listened to the feedback of our users to update and improve our app.

Here’s what our community of users told us, and the work we’ve completed to enhance your picturepath experience.

“We want to be able to lock routines in child mode”

We’re really glad that children are really engaged with the app and wanting to play around with the timelines, however we also understand that an unplanned change in the timelines could lead to confusion or anxiety for picturepath parents, teachers and children.

We’ve introduced a 4 digit passcode “child lock” on all of the screens you want to keep secure – you can find this feature in the settings menu. This keeps your child on the correct screens to ensure they can visualise the day ahead, without the risk of a potential mix-up in their routine later in the day.

“We would like to add the same activity into a routine more than once”

There are some activities that you might need to repeat in the day, we’ve now made it possible to add the same activity into your routine multiple times. Essential activities such as several car journeys, brushing your teeth twice a day etc. can now be duplicated in your timelines.

“The experience for creating a routine could be improved”

We are always working on minor tweaks and bug fixes within the app to improve your experience that you may or may not notice, however you should notice a sharp increase in speed on the application on the latest update.

We’re extremely grateful for feedback we receive from our users, so don’t hesitate to submit a suggestion to our contact us page here.

“We have some suggestions for pre-loaded activities on the app”

You can create your own activities by uploading pictures or your own images, but there have been some common activities which were missing from our library. You told us what activities/items you’d like us to add to the standardised pack and we obliged. Our latest update has seen these images added to the library: 



Water bottle




Have we missed anything? If there’s an activity or item you think is still missing, let us know on the contact us page.

“I wasn’t aware that my child’s school had shared the schools timeline with me”

The best way to get the most out of picturepath is for schools, parents and children to share timelines to keep everyone in the loop. This allows everyone to be best prepared for routine changes or any potential challenges each day can bring. We’ve added a notification to ensure that parents know when school’s have updated and shared their timelines with them.

picturepath works best when parents and schools collaborate with the children at heart of the app. To ensure that more and more schools are signed up for picturepath to improve your experience of picturepath, we have started a referral scheme. If you refer your child’s school to us and they trial picturepath, we will send you a free tablet as well as a lifetime subscription to our premium features.

To refer your school please get in touch with us here.