Since we were last in touch, we’ve finished and tested a major development. The sharing option between home and school is now live!

This means that if your school is using picturepath then you can swap between the two timelines. Parents can see what lessons have taken place today (so now you can avoid the “what have you done at school today?” “Nothing” conversations) and the child and teacher can see what is happening after school (for instance, going to tea at the grandparents and the subsequent sugar rush). Everyone knows what’s going on, hopefully calming down some of the anxiety.

As with all of our changes, these features have been requested by our community of users. We’re now looking for more people to join our community. If you join, we’ll give you free use of the premium features and in return we’ll ask you to fill in the occasional survey about features. It won’t take much of your time and your feedback will help to shape the features we build next. To get involved, please click here {insert link}. Thank you to everyone who’s already joined the user panel.

We’ve been killing a few coding bugs and tweaking some minor issues with the app so you’ll also see these improvements coming through shortly. If you find a bug, did you know you can report it through the app? Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘contact us’ and then let us know. Thanks for all the feedback via this form. The settings menu also contains the links from school and sharing, as well as signing up to the Premium features.

If you would like to register for a FREE trial using the Premium features then please fill in the form below.