Beaulieu is a well-known visitor attraction located in the New Forest National Park that includes a motor museum, palace house and gardens, monorail, art gallery. The museum houses an impressive collection of cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles dating back to the early 19th century. 

Beaulieu Motor Museum has always been an inclusive place, catering to visitors of all ages and abilities. However, in recent years, the museum has taken steps to create a more inclusive experience for neurodiverse visitors. One of the ways they have done this is by using the Picturepath app, our visual timelines and visitor guide for their venue.

Neurodiversity is a term used to describe the range of neurological differences among human beings. These differences include autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and many other conditions. Neurodiverse visitors may find traditional museum experiences overwhelming due to factors such as sensory overload, difficulty processing visual and auditory information, and social anxiety.

The Picturepath app helps neurodiverse visitors navigate the museum more easily. We’ve designed it to provide a personalised experience for each visitor based on their needs and preferences. Visitors can use the app to create a visual timeline of their visit, which includes information about the exhibits they want to see, the order in which they want to see them, and any breaks they may need. Allowing their visitors to pre-plan their day and manage expectations significantly reduces the anxiety experienced by many neurodiverse people when visiting somewhere new.

The visual timeline feature within our app is particularly helpful for neurodiverse visitors who may struggle with abstract concepts like time and sequencing. It allows visitors to create a timeline, made up of real images from the venue, that is easy to understand and follow, reducing anxiety and increasing confidence.

Additionally the visual aids within the app, including photographs and symbols, help visitors navigate the museum and have been specifically chosen and designed to be easy to read and understand. These aids can be particularly helpful for visitors who struggle with language processing or have difficulty reading text.

They use simple language and clear images to convey information, making them accessible to visitors with a range of abilities.

Overall, Beaulieu Motor Museum’s use of the Picturepath app and visual timelines has been a great success. The museum has received positive feedback from neurodiverse visitors and their families, who have reported feeling more comfortable and confident during their visit.

Creating an inclusive environment for neurodiverse visitors is an ongoing process, and Beaulieu Motor Museum is committed to continuing to improve its accessibility. The museum has also trained its staff to be more aware of the needs of neurodiverse visitors and how to provide support when necessary.