Richard’s Story

Richard Nurse was inspired by his son Freddie, who is on the autistic spectrum.

Richard’s story

Until 2 ½ years of age Freddie was almost completely nonverbal. Richard found communicating through images a revelation. Creating a visual timeline helped Freddie to understand daily events, reducing his anxiety.

He loves all things digital and has been really excited by the idea of seeing his daily timeline on a phone or a tablet. His teachers and support workers have been very supportive throughout the development of picturepath. They believe a digital solution can replace the laminated timelines they currently use.

The timelines currently used to communicate with Freddie are made of laminated cards. With this comes a series of problems: they can go missing, cost money to replace and they can’t always be adapted given a change in plans. Given that Freddie loves all things digital, we have developed picturepath for parents and teachers to help children with special educational needs.

Meet the Team

Picture of Richard Nurse, founder of picturepath. Picturepath team picture. Digital visual timeline for children with additional needs.

Richard Nurse


Product Manager. Picturepath team picture.

Mark Lally

Product Manager

Developer. Picturepath team picture.

Tabinda Iqbal

Software Engineer

Graphic Designer. Picturepath team picture.

Clare Curran


Megan McLatchie. Picturepath team picture.

Megan McLatchie

Marketing Executive

Developer. Picturepath team picture.

Yasir Saleem

Software Engineer