Data Technology Is Changing The Way Autistic Children Are Being Cared For

A great many factors can trigger an autistic child such as noise, crowded places, new environments and foods (to name a few).  It’s not always clear which events in the child’s day can trigger a meltdown or an adverse emotional response. This makes it challenging for parents, teachers and guardians to understand and manage their needs. 

Now, thanks to modern data technology – UK-based startup Picturepath have discovered an innovative way to help carers of autistic children. Picturepath’s tools help discover triggering events, manage expectations and reduce stress and anxiety. 

This is achieved by helping you keep an electronic record of the child’s responses and the events of each day. This uncovers patterns over time – and helps you identify recurring events that cause them. This can then be used to identify when intervention is required and reduce the likelihood of an adverse emotional response.

Picturepath’s tools capture a host of valuable data points such as:

1) Activities completed by a child across the day.

2) Does a child like or dislike an activity 

3) Does the teacher / support staff assess the day as a good day or a bad day

4) The capturing of the teacher’s / support staff’s assessment of the day

You can define and track as many behaviors and events you want, depending on the child’s individual needs. This can include symptoms, mood and emotional responses, medications, potential side effects, sleep, eating, and activity levels.

Why Picturepath?

The Autism Institute for Research asserts that keeping records, sharing knowledge and experience can support those caring for a child. This data helps identify patterns, monitor the consistency of support, and ensure holistic learnings across a child’s care team. While schools do a fantastic job identifying behaviours and intervening appropriately, the challenge they face is identifying the individual needs of the child. They are left to rely on experience and memory. However the Autism Institute submits that, “memory is not as reliable as we think. Emotions, hopes, and fears can distort our recollections.”, emphasising the importance of keeping records.

Our mission at picturepath is to support children in managing their day; reduce stress and anxiety to create an inclusive learning environment. To achieve this we enlist the help of the experts; our users. Picturepath users constantly provide valuable data and feedback. This helps us evolve Picturepath products to better assist autistic children and their carers.

Special Benefits for Schools

With Picturepath, schools can now easily share reports with parents / guardians and gather information on autistic children. This will provide evidence for funding, and reporting to LEA’s and Ofsted.  Government guidance for schools promotes “active involvement of people with autism, family members or carers, and the use of documentary evidence or records of early development and past/current behaviours (especially experiences of home life, education and social care)”. The digital capturing of this information allows this to happen immediately. The data can be presented through picturepath dashboards to schools to support engagement with parents and guardians and allow the identification of behaviours, and potential ways of managing expectations.

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